5 Most Fatal Types of Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that car crashes in America caused 42,195 deaths in 2021. Certain types of accidents are more likely to cause fatalities. About 85% of car crashes with fatalities involve the deaths of the occupants of passenger vehicles and small trucks. Drivers of large semi-trucks are involved in about 15% of the accidents with fatalities.

Here are five categories of fatal car crashes.

1. Frontal Impact

This style of an accident is commonly called a head-on collision. It is responsible for the most car crash fatalities and causes about 54% of them. The factors causing this type of accident include driving the wrong way on the road and crossing the center line into oncoming traffic. Alcohol and drug use may be involved, along with distracted driving and falling asleep at the wheel.

2. Side Impact

Side impact injuries are commonly called “T-bone” accidents. A side-impact accident is responsible for up to 25% of car crash fatalities. This type of accident is more likely to be deadly when the vehicle hit is a smaller car and the side impact comes from a semi-truck. The significant difference in the weight of a large truck crashing into the side of a small compact car is one contributing factor in the deadly results.

Another reason is that cars are less sturdy on their sides, and the occupants have less protection in that direction. T-Bone accidents happen most frequently at intersections when one vehicle hits the other in the side while running a red light.

3. Rollover

A rollover accident causes about 16% of car crash fatalities. The most serious type of this kind is when the vehicle rolls all the way over, and the vehicle’s weight comes down on top of the occupants to crush them inside. If a person is trapped in the crushed metal of the damaged vehicle, it may take a long time to extract them from the damaged vehicle. They may die from blood loss or a gasoline fire if they cannot be pulled out in time.

4. Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions cause about 5% of car crash fatalities. Being in a car when hit from behind causes severe injuries, such as brain, neck, and back injuries. However, it is less likely to cause death. The metal of the car trunk being hit and the metal of the other car’s engine cushion the impact somewhat.

5. Other Types of Accidents

Other types of accidents that cause fatalities are when a vehicle leaves the road surface and drives over a cliff or into the water. Those not properly wearing a seatbelt may be thrown through the windshield in an accident and end up on the pavement, which causes their death.

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