5 Signs You Have a Strong Car Accident Claim

Some car accident claims are not as strong as others, especially if there is a dispute over what happened.

Here are five things that may make your car accident claim stronger:

1. You Did Not Cause the Accident by Your Negligence

The opposing side will do everything possible to shift all or some of the blame to you for causing the accident. Even if it seems clear to you that you did not cause the accident, the other side may try to blame you anyway. All they have to do is introduce an element of doubt about the facts surrounding the accident. In most car accidents involving two or more vehicles, usually, more than one driver is partially to blame.

An example is a vehicle running a red light, and you could not stop in time to avoid the collision because you were speeding. A judge or jury may find you are partially to blame and give you a percentage of the cause for the accident.

This type of challenge is a strong reason you need a competent personal injury attorney to fight for your rights.

2. Police Came to the Accident Scene and Made a Report

If there is an accurate police accident report that shows the other driver(s) were to blame, this may work to your advantage. In this circumstance, people are less likely to be dishonest in a sworn deposition (a legal interview).

They might be more likely, to tell the truth, if found in the police report. Your attorney can challenge any false statements when those called to testify appear in court to state for the record what happened. They can perjure themselves if their testimony is markedly different from what the police determined at the scene.

It is your attorney’s job to catch them in a lie to discredit their false story.

3. Multiple Eye Witnesses Saw What Happened

Eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable; however, if many people recount seeing the same thing, this makes your case stronger.

4. Your Injuries are Well-Documented

You or someone else took photos at the scene and recorded video of the accident happening or about what was said afterward by witnesses. You went to the hospital or a doctor right away for treatment of your injuries. You have lasting damage and expensive medical bills.

5. You Avoided Talking to ANYONE in Private or in Public About the Accident

The only person you want to talk with about the accident is your attorney. You do not want to share conversations about the accident with anyone on the scene. You should not post on social media about the accident. You do not want to make any statement to the police at the scene that in any way hints at your guilt, such as simply saying, “I’m sorry.”

You do not want to make any statement to any representative of any insurance company, even your own insurance company, without having your lawyer present.

If you follow these five steps and get a qualified attorney to represent you as soon as possible after having a car accident, you may have a better chance to improve the outcome.

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