6 Steps to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

With no airbags, bumpers, or even a sturdy chassis to protect you, a motorcycle crash will almost always result in an injury. While some injuries are relatively minor, many require extensive medical treatments, medication, rehabilitation, and more. These healthcare costs can add up quickly. For riders in these situations, recovering compensation for their damages can make all the difference. In this article, we discuss six potential ways you can strengthen your motorcycle accident claim:

1. Call the Police

While you may have walked away from the accident unscathed, you should almost always report a crash to the police. Law enforcement can compile an official accident report containing information such as the other driver’s name, contact details, and vehicle registration; observations; and eyewitness statements. This report may help your lawyer prove liability, causation, and damages.

2. Collect Evidence

When you file a third-party insurance claim, the outcome of your case will depend in part on your ability to prove liability. By collecting evidence at the scene, such as taking pictures of road signs and markings, weather conditions, the injuries you sustained, and any damage to the vehicles involved, you can paint a clearer picture of how the crash occurred.

An accident reconstruction expert may use photos to establish how the crash happened. You should also record the contact details and statements from anyone who witnessed the collision take place, and make a note of any surveillance cameras in the vicinity. Finally, ask other drivers if their dashcam might have recorded the incident.

3. Don’t Rush to Repair Your Motorcycle

Your bike is a crucial piece of evidence as the damage it sustained could provide insight into how the accident happened and its severity. This is especially true if a defective part caused the crash.

4. Seek Medical Treatment

You may feel silly visiting a doctor for mild road rash or light bruising, but undergoing an immediate medical evaluation could reduce the likelihood of facing a dispute and help your motorcycle accident attorney prove causation and damages.

5. Follow the Doctor’s Orders

If the doctor requests a series of follow-ups, make sure you are not missing these sessions. Insurers look for any reason to deny or reduce the value of claims, and failure to mitigate the damages is a common reason why a claimant’s financial recovery is diminished.

6. Don’t Post About Your Accident on Social Media.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are public forums. As a result, any posts you make relating to the accident could be admissible in court as evidence to dispute liability, causation, or damages. Never discuss the details of your accident or injuries online.

Find a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Your Area

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