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Although not common, airplane and helicopter accidents do happen. These accidents cause severe or even fatal injuries and cause severe emotional and financial problems.

Aviation accidents often involve more people than just the pilot. An experienced aviation accident attorney will determine who can be held liable for your injuries and ensure liability is attributed correctly.

Potentially Liable Parties Include:

  • Pilot Error
  • Air Traffic Controller Error
  • Mechanical/Equipment Error 
  • Experimental Parts
  • Negligent Maintenance

Compensation is not limited to plane crashes.

Crashes aren’t the only causes of airplane accidents. Injuries sustained onboard the aircraft or airport property due to:

  • Heavy turbulence causing an injury
  • Inadequately secured overhead luggage racks
  • Passenger and crew negligence
  • Boarding and deplaning accidents
  • Injuries within the airport itself, such as a slip and fall or negligence

Our attorneys have the experience and resources to navigate the complex laws governing aviation law. They know the complexities of aviation law, but they also have access to the investigators, experts, and cutting-edge technology needed to represent you. You can depend on the Attorneys For All, for strong advocacy at all times.

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