Brain Injuries Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) may have multiple causes and can occur to anyone. Any significant obstruction in blood flow or oxygen to a part of the brain will cause a brain injury. A brain injury can be global, meaning it affects the entire brain or focal, meaning it involves a specific part of the brain. The area and the level of damage will determine the effect it will have on the patient. In most cases, focal brain injuries are caused by direct trauma. Focal brain injuries could also be caused by a problem with blood and oxygen supply to a specific part of the brain. A stroke is an example of focal brain injury. Usually, a stroke happens to the elderly due to blood vessel fragility or an underlying condition but, it can occur at any age. 

A brain injury at birth or at a young age will affect the individual throughout their whole life. There are two main brain injury categories in the newborn or young child, non-progressive brain injury and progressive brain injury. For example, cerebral palsy is a non-progressive brain injury. Cerebral palsy is usually caused by a specific incident, such as hypoxia. The injury-producing event is self-limited and does not continue, but the effects of such a brain injury continue to show as the child gets older. A progressive brain injury is ordinarily due to some underlying genetic or developmental problem. Over time the effects of a progressive brain injury will get worse. 

Brain Injuries During Delivery

Traumatic injuries to a newborn will usually occur during vaginal delivery. Improper use of a vacuum and forceps during delivery are the leading causes of traumatic injuries to newborns. These devices can cause injuries to the newborn’s head and brain, and in some instances, lead to death. The most common kind of traumatic birth injury involves stretching the brachial plexus’s nerves, which is known as an Erb’s palsy. 

When delivering a large baby, the delivery process may be complex and prolonged. Once the head emerges, the physician can cause injury to the nerves in the newborn’s neck (brachial plexus) by pulling and turning the head to complete the delivery process. The physician might twist and turn the baby’s head with sufficient force. This might cause the nerves in the arm to tear away from the baby’s spinal cord. It may take up to nine months to fully assess the severity of the injury in some cases. Brain injuries can be linked to medical malpractice and negligence.

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