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Victims of sexual abuse can suffer a lifetime of physical and emotional damages that can affect the way they live their lives. While the criminal justice system can punish the perpetrators for their evil acts, the civil court can help victims achieve justice by holding the perpetrators liable for monetary damages such as lost income, emotional distress, as well as pain and suffering.

Recently, California enacted a statue which gave 3 years for individuals who were the victims of sexual abuse to file their claims that had been, up until this time, time-barred by what is called the statute of limitations, ( a way of saying how long you have to bring a lawsuit) it’s called retroactivity of the statute, what essentially it says, “we are going to allow it for everyone, not just people going forward.”

This is a big step in a statute of limitations. Normally if there is a change, they’re going to say, this affects people going forward, under new law people that perpetrate these crimes on children, they shouldn’t get a free pass because someone doesn’t want to talk about it when they’re 19 or 21. The new law will extend the time for people to bring a suit from whenever it happened up until the day they turn 40 or five years from discovery of the abuse to file civil lawsuits.

Under the law, survivors also have a three-year “look-back window” starting in January 2020 in which sexual abuse claims that have since passed the statute of limitations can be pursued. Courts will also be allowed to triple the amount of damages awarded to a victim if there was an attempted cover-up.

You have the right to bring a case against the perpetrator, both civilly and criminally. For these types of cases where the conduct is so reprehensible; I mean we’re talking about priests, doctors, camp counselors, boy scout leaders, coaches, people that are supposed to be the pillars of our community and have been able to escape justice and they’ve been able to escape criminal penalties because the time ran out. Abd as we start to get more progressive and states start coming on-board with granting a couple of years of reprieve, it’s important to act. Not just for yourself, not just for compensation, but as we move forward and with our next generation it’s going to be see something, say something. They are going to know that there’s going to be accountability that you are going to be brought to justice, that is no longer a place that pedophiles can escape prosecution only because they’re not worried about their victims telling on them. Or if they are worried about their victims, they are not worried about anybody believing them. Those days are over.

Attorneys For All attorneys are helping victims of child sexual abuse seek justice and compensation from the institutions that failed to protect them; including churches, summer camps, schools, religious organizations, and youth recreation organizations like the Boy Scouts of America.

Although it is impossible to undo the revolting acts, it is possible for victims to receive compensation for the psychological and psychiatric treatment needed in the process of recovery.

If you or a loved one are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse suffered at a church, summer camp, youth recreation program, school, religious organization, or other institution, we may be able to help you recover compensation for the pain and physical and psychological issues your abuse may have caused.

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Our network of personal injury attorneys have represented victims assaulted and/or abused in the following types of institutions:

    • Patients abused by doctors, nurses, or hospital or medical staff
    • Child abuse by priests, ministers, or other religious institution personnel
  • Boys and girls abused by leaders in community organizations
  • Abused dependent adults in mental health facilities and nursing homes
  • Abuse of children by teachers or school employees or administrators in public and private schools
  • Sexual assault of women in college settings like dorms, fraternity or sorority houses
  • Sexual violence in the workplace

Sexual assault and abuse cases require careful investigation, collection of facts and witnesses and precise preparation by experienced sexual assault attorneys who are familiar with how to successfully represent abuse victims and are compassionate to the needs of the clients.

If you or your child has been the victim of sexual abuse in California, our Network of personal injury attorneys at Attorneys for All can help you hold the negligent party liable for their actions and recover your entitled compensation.

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