Child Developmental Delays

Delay in a child reaching specific milestones in normal development such as talking, walking, etc., might be characterized as developmental delay. These delays can often be the result of problems or complications during the delivery process. When a child reaches specific milestones and then regresses in development and loses abilities, this can be linked to inborn errors. Some children progress at a slower rate compared to other children. Because of this, many pediatricians will downplay the delay in the development of the child. Most children do catch up to their peers, but some don’t. Development delays are often the result of brain trauma during delivery, even if the child seems normal and healthy after birth. Children who suffer from brain trauma require extensive neurologic evaluation to determine the brain trauma’s cause and extent. Early diagnosis and treatment with therapy and stimulation can significantly advance overall brain function. 

Signs and Symptoms of Developmental Delay

  • Developing and learning more slowly than other children the same age
  • Problems talking or talking late
  • Rolling over, crawling, sitting up, or walking much later than developmentally suitable
  • Having problems remembering things
  • Difficulty communicating and socializing with others
  • Lower than average scores on IQ tests
  • Inability to connect actions with consequences
  • Difficulty with problem-solving or rational thinking
  • Unable to do everyday tasks
  • Trouble learning in school

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