Claim Your Case Mobile App

When you are involved in a car accident, it is very stressful. Even if you think you are not seriously hurt, make sure you get a checkup afterward from a qualified healthcare provider. Some injuries are not obvious from the outside of the body, such as internal damage from whiplash. Problems may not show up until sometime later, after an accident.

Using the Mobile App

It is highly recommended to use the mobile app “Abogados De Ayuda” for Spanish speakers (you can also select the English version within the app). Download it for Android devices at the Google Play Store and for iOS devices at the Apple App Store.

This app helps you document what occurred in an accident. With the app, you can make immediate contact with a qualified attorney, who will give you a free consultation about your case.

The mobile app is helpful as a guide. Use it to collect information and evidence, such as photos of the crash scene and the damaged vehicles needed to make an insurance claim. It also keeps you in touch with your attorney. You can access help 24/7 if you have an accident. It is helpful to have the app already installed on your mobile phone before you get into an accident and need to use it.

How to Handle an Accident

After dining involved in an accident, call 9-1-1. If you have the mobile app installed, you will find a button to call for help easily. If you can move safely, and there is the further danger of being hit by traffic, move out of the way and offer to help others get to a safer place. Use safety equipment, like warning signs and road flares, to advise other drivers about the road hazard.

Do not say you are sorry or admit guilt for causing the accident. Before you do anything else or talk to anyone about the accident, call your attorney at (281) 475-4535 or use the app to dial the number with one click.

When you get into an accident, it is so comforting to have this app installed. It will put you in direct contact with one of the attorneys if you don’t already have one. It will help you immediately preserve evidence for your case and document what happened.

Benefits of Using the Mobile App

Here are the design features built-in to the mobile app:

  • Intuitive Interface: Easy to use.
  • Safe and Private: Store your personal information safely.
  • Live Chat: Chat with a legal expert 24/7.
  • Top-Rated Experts: Work with top-rated attorneys.
  • Click-To-Call: Call your attorney for questions and case updates.
  • Stay Connected: Never lose touch with your attorney.
  • Organized: Stay organized with all the requirements of preparing an accident claim.
  • Stay Informed: Get the latest news.
  • Peace of Mind: Have peace of mind when dealing with this process while your attorney protects your rights to the fullest.

The app is easy to use, from reporting an accident to receiving a settlement. So why wait? You never know when you might need this kind of help. Share this tool with your friends and family.

Using your smartphone, search for “Abogados De Ayuda” at the appropriate app store. It is free. Download the app today at the Google Play Store (Android devices) and the Apple App Store (iOS devices).