Hidden Dangers in Road Construction Work Zones

Accidents in road construction zones are common. Road construction zones have unique characteristics that create hidden dangers you should be aware of so you can avoid them if possible.

Here are some common dangers found in road construction zones.

Sudden Appearance

You may be driving along normally at a safe speed when rounding a turn, and you suddenly see a road construction zone ahead with the traffic slowed or stopped. If you are distracted by being on the telephone or not paying attention, you may be going too fast to slow down and stop in time.

The sudden appearance of a construction zone might be even more disturbing when it occurs at night. In major cities, there is a strategy in some cities to do road construction work at night to avoid causing a traffic jam during daytime commute hours. You might be driving at freeway speed and then get frustrated by suddenly being slowed to a crawl for road construction.

Debris in the Road

Construction zones may have changing road surfaces and debris on the road. Your vehicle’s tires may pick up loose gravel, sand, and asphalt pieces and then throw them, causing potential damage to your car. Your ability to drive across a road while it is being repaired may include driving through debris and over uneven surfaces.

Road Rage of Other Drivers

People can be impatient and not react well to suddenly having to slow down and merge from two lanes into one. The proper technique is to use a scissoring style to let one car from each lane go ahead, taking turns, as an organized way to mesh the two lanes into one. However, this common-sense method of merging is often abruptly disturbed by someone who wants to jump the line. This rude maneuver of cutting someone off may make another driver go into road rage.

Driving Too Fast

If you see a construction zone, slow down to a safe speed. Many people drive too fast through a construction zone, which not only is dangerous, it may be subject to a double or triple fine for a traffic infraction.

Not Obeying Construction Workers

Each year, many road construction workers are hit. Some are killed by vehicles driving through the construction zone and not following the directions of construction workers who control the traffic.

Final Thoughts

If possible, avoid construction zones by using a traffic service to help you route around these areas. Try your best not to get caught up in a construction zone mess. If it is impossible to avoid these areas altogether, exercise extra caution when driving through them to avoid getting into an accident. Keep aware of what is around your vehicle and drive through the construction zone as carefully as possible.

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