Hospital & Doctor Malpractice

The majority of catastrophic deaths or injuries in medical malpractice or negligence cases occur in hospitals. Most of these cases typically involve multiple doctors and nurses that share the fault. In most cases, nurses and doctors are not hospital employees. Therefore the hospital is not legally liable for negligence. Patients regularly sign a “Conditions of Admission” form when they visit a hospital. These documents clearly state that the doctors, including emergency room physicians, radiologists, and others, are “Independent Contractors” and not hospital employees. 

There are many circumstances, such as communication errors or other hospital operation errors, that can result in a patient’s injury or death. Proving the links between negligent care and the outcome of a significant injury or death can be challenging. The vast majority of patients admitted to hospitals have substantial pre-existing medical problems. The effect caused by negligence may be challenging to separate from the natural outcome of the underlying medical or disease process. Therefore, many relatively straightforward negligence circumstances in hospitals can still be defended wherever the pre-existing or underlying medical problem is significant. 

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