How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

If you are hurt in a car accident, you want to have legal representation. Many are worried about how much it costs to get a qualified attorney to help. The good news is your initial consultation is free. The great news is if there is no award in your case, there is no fee.

The Merits of Your Case

In the initial consultation, your attorney will discuss the case and ask questions about what happened. The “merits” of the case are the chances based on the evidence that the case is likely to win an award. The award may come as a settlement with an insurance company or as a judgment from a lawsuit. You and your attorney will decide together about the merits of the case, the chance for success in getting an award, and, if you decide to go forward, make a tentative plan on how to proceed.

The Legal Representation Agreement

If you and your attorney decide that the case should go forward, your attorney will ask you to review and sign a legal representation agreement. This agreement states the terms and conditions about how your attorney will represent you and proceed with your case. It also states the percentage of any award that the attorney will be paid if successful in obtaining an award for you. This percentage is called a “contingency fee.” It is only charged if an award is received in your case.

Legal Case Costs

The legal representation agreement will also state the types of costs charged to the case for the expenses to pursue collecting an award. These costs may include administrative expenses, such as a charge for photocopying and faxing documents needed in your case, and expenses for evidence collection, such as the cost of interviewing witnesses to the accident with a procedure called “taking a deposition.” It may also include the cost of anything needed to help “prove” your case, such as taking photographs of the accident site, vehicle inspections, and hiring an expert witness.

Before an award is received, your attorney will advance the funds necessary to pay for all of these costs. The attorney is taking a risk that an award will eventually be received that is enough to cover all the invested money the attorney advances for the case expenses and compensate the attorney for the time necessary to pursue the case. If there is no award, the attorney loses this money and time.

Usually, a personal injury case is settled without the need for a lawsuit. However, if this is not possible, then the case’s expenses may also include the court fees for filing a lawsuit.

You will not be asked to pay for any of these expenses. The expenses will be accounted for by your attorney and charged against any future award received for the case.

Show Me the Money!

Once the award has been agreed and accepted and the check deposited with cleared funds in the attorney’s escrow account, an accounting is made. The attorney’s firm deducts the percentage of the award that the attorney earned according to the legal representation agreement and all the expenses advanced for the case. You receive the remaining balance with a copy of the accounting report.

Do not hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney (telephone (281) 475-4535) immediately after a car accident because of a worry about paying for legal representation. If the attorney accepts your case, your attorney will work for you, invest in your case’s expenses, and get paid from the award received later.

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