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Many people who have been sold lemons worry about the average cost of hiring a lemon law attorney. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about paying for an experienced lemon law attorney.

The California lemon law requires the auto manufacturers to pay the lemon law attorney fees and costs rather than the consumer who purchased the lemon. This means you do not have to worry about figuring out how to represent yourself or paying costly lemon law lawyer fees.

You can hire an experienced lemon law attorney to handle your case and who will fight for you without the fear of incurring costly attorneys fees.

If your new car is giving you trouble, give us a call today! We are experienced lemon law lawyers who will fight for you and make sure you get the results you deserve. You may be eligible for a refund of your down payment, monthly payments, and other expenses, or a replacement vehicle if your car is a lemon.

Every year, auto manufacturers produce millions of cars. Along with those cars, they produce hundreds of thousands of defective vehicles, otherwise known as lemons. These lemons have issues with different systems, including engine, transmission, electricals and more. You might end up being one the poor unlucky drivers who purchases one of these lemons and having to bring it in for repairs over and over again; costing you time money-and even your safety!

The California Lemon Law was created to protect consumers from sketchy manufacturers. If your car recurrently has problems that affect its usability, value or safety and a dealership can’t fix it during the warranty period, then per the law–your vehicle is a lemon. At, our team of attorneys have a proven track record, boasting a 99% success rate in representing car owners from lemon law cases against major auto manufacturers. If your vehicle is a lemon, you could be eligible for substantial cash compensation– we’re dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients.

If your car, truck, or SUV has an issue, it should be able to be fixed by your dealer or repair shop. If a product is unable to be fixed, you should have the option of returning it for a refund. The Lemon Law in California allows you to receive cash compensation, exchange your automobile for another one, or get your money back. This legislation permits you to seek up to three times the amount of actual damages – which includes the purchase price of your vehicle.

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List of Vehicle Manufacturers With the Most Lemons in 2022

2022 Top Lemon Law Manufacturers list includes: Fiat, Cadillac, Porsche, Jeep, Volkswagen, Subaru, Land Rover, and GMC. Check out some of the other manufacturer photos below!

Frequently asked questions about Lemon Law

What is a Lemon Law buyback in California?

In California, the lemon law buyback offers protection to individuals who buy a car, truck, or minivan under warranty. The customer may be eligible for a California Lemon Law Buyback if the vehicle has one or more issues while it is still under warranty.

What is the CA lemon law?

When your vehicle is faulty and cannot be fixed after a specified number of tries, the California Lemon Law protects you. The Lemon Law applies to most new cars purchased or leased in California under a manufacturer’s new-vehicle warranty that are still under coverage.

How long is the lemon law in California?

The California Lemon Law typically gives consumers four years to file a lemon claim, starting from when the consumer first experienced problems with their vehicle.

What is a lemon in car terms?

A “lemon” is a vehicle with a significant fault or fault that makes it dangerous to drive, although the precise meaning varies by state. Non-functioning or faulty brakes, engines, transmissions, or headlights are examples of problems. ATV/UTV. Auto. Boat.

Why do they call it lemon law?

Lemon laws are rules that aim to safeguard customers from purchasing bad vehicles, consumer products, or services. These are known as lemons since they do not live up to the manufacturer’s claims of quality or usefulness.

Is there a lemon law in California for used cars?

The lemon law in California protects a consumer who purchases a used car under warranty that is defective or beyond repair after a reasonable number of tries. You must have bought the automobile from a dealer or merchant rather than an individual.

How do I know if I have a lemon?

The California Lemon Law was created to safeguard consumers who buy a faulty car. A serious problem is defined as one that affects the vehicle’s usage, value, or safety and is not due to owner misuse. Most states require that the deficiency be covered under a written warranty from the manufacturer in order for the Lemon Law to apply.

Does it cost anything to hire an attorney?

The manufacturer is responsible for your lawyer’s costs and expenses in California under the Lemon Law. This implies that you will not have to pay for attorney’s fees personally; rather, the manufacturer will reimburse you.

What if my car is out of warranty?

If you’re unsure whether your car is a lemon or not, consider these qualifying factors: if you had ongoing problems while the vehicle was under warranty and brought it in to be repaired at an authorized facility during that time.

Does lemon law apply for used cars? Are used cars covered under lemon law?

Yes, a used automobile with a written warranty can qualify under the lemon laws as long as it was sold by a dealer. Used cars are frequently sold while still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and/or the dealer’s warranty. If this is the case, your used automobile may be entitled to compensation under the lemon laws.

Can my car qualify as a lemon if I bought it used?

The lemon law of California does not only apply to new cars. It is true that used vehicles are also covered if they have a manufacturer’s warranty or dealership contract. It’s worth noting that the condition of the vehicle must be reported within 30 days after purchase.

If the car was bought outside CA, does lemon law still apply?

The California Lemon Law only applies to automobiles that are purchased or leased in California. That implies that the majority of consumers who bought or leased out-of-state vehicles will not be eligible for compensation under the California Lemon Law. You will be compensated by the state if you are a member of the military stationed in California or a resident of California while serving in the military, even if your vehicle was acquired or registered in another state.

If you are not a member of the Armed Forces, you may still be covered by the Federal Lemon Law. This law covers all vehicles sold with warranties in the United States, and can provide compensation if your vehicle is deemed a lemon. It is important to contact a qualified Lemon Law attorney as soon as possible so we can assess your case and see if you qualify for compensation.

How to File a Lemon Law Case

Our California Lemon Lawyer at Explains How to Assert Your Rights! 

If you bought or leased a vehicle that is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty and it turns out to be defective, you may have a claim under California’s lemon law for having your automobile replaced or re-purchased. It is critical that you are aware of the procedures necessary to file such a claim in order to assert your rights effectively. The following are the steps as outlined by our experienced California lemon lawyer:

1. Take Your Vehicle to the Dealership for Repair.

To protect your lemon law rights in California, you must have your car repaired by a “representative” of the manufacturer. This is usually done through taking it to the dealership. You must give the dealership a certain number of “attempts” to repair your vehicle under warranty before Lemon Law applies. Any work done on your car while you are away from the dealership may invalidate your warranty and prevent you from filing a successful lemon law claim if you take it to an independent repair shop rather than back to the original manufacture’s representative..

2. Get Your Dealership Repair Orders.

To establish a lemon law case, it’s important to keep an accurate paper trail. Be specific every time you visit the dealership about your vehicle’s issues. If possible, get copies of all repair orders and keep them in a safe place. Having this dealer documentation is key if you want to pursue legal action later on down the road.

3. Give the Dealership a “Reasonable Number of Attempts” to Resolve the Issue.

The definition of a “reasonable number of attempts” will be unique to each situation, depending on the harshness of the issue, whether or not the dealership has been able to identify a problem with the vehicle, and how much time and mileage is between visits. There is no fixed number of visits needed, although at least two are typically required, and three or four are usually enough. However, if the time spent at the dealership exceeds 30 days, we may be able to maintain successful claims on the first visit. Because the “reasonable number of repair attempts” criterion is subjective, it’s a good idea to get legal counsel.

4. Gather All Relevant Documentation.

Make sure you have all the relevant documentation before filing your claim, including a copy of your purchase or lease agreement and dealership repair orders.

5. Your Car Warranty Does Not Need to be Current.

The lemon law in California applies to vehicles that were fixed under warranty. Even if your warranty has expired, you may still have a lemon law claim if your car was repaired under the warranty. Even an expired guarantee should not prevent you from bringing a lemon law action.

6. Hire an Experienced Lemon Lawyer.

You will eventually need to speak with a professional California lemon law lawyer. Filing complaints always necessitates legal expertise, and large companies usually have entire teams of experienced defense lawyers to represent them in these cases. Your attorney will be able to handle the legal elements of your claim. We’ll be there to help you make educated judgments at each stage, including settlement discussions, litigation defense strategies, and monitoring your vehicle’s return when the automobile is repurchased.

7. A Demand Letter is Not Required.

You don’t have to contact the manufacturer first, even though it might help your case. You or your attorney can send a demand letter to the manufacturer before filing a complaint, but often manufacturers won’t take cases seriously until they get a formal court complaint.

8. Negotiate a Settlement or Litigate.

If the manufacturer’s first offer is fair and you are happy with it, your case will settle. However, if negotiations don’t go well or you aren’t content with the compensation being offered, it may be time to pursue litigation. The majority of lemon law cases do settle outside of court, but having an attorney who is willing to fight for you can make all the difference.

9. Arbitration is Not Required.

Unlike in other states, California law does not require individuals with lemon vehicles to go through arbitration before filing a complaint. Oftentimes, manufacturers try to get consumers to arbitrate their case via the manufacturer’s own program. They anticipate that many people will believe they don’t have a solid case and give up if they don’t win in arbitration. Remember that arbitrators are the manufacturers’ clients, and they frequently rule in favor of the customer, even in strong lemon law situations. Don’t get discouraged if you lose your case at arbitration. We’ve represented many people who were unsuccessful in manufacturer-arbitration before hiring us to assist with their faulty automobiles.

10. Proceed to Trial.

If the manufacturer does not want to settle after the complaint is filed, your case will go to trial. Lemon law cases usually settled, so you should hire an attorney who is ready for trial if negotiation fails. Trial is a very complex legal proceeding; therefore, you need a California lemon law attorney to represent you and protect your legal rights if it goes to that stage.

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California Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law, listed under Civil Code 1793.2, et seq., protects individuals when their vehicle cannot be repaired after a fair number of attempts. The law applies to most new vehicles that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The Lemon Law protects California’s full-time active-duty members of the Armed Forces by if they purchase or lease a vehicle while stationed or residing in California, even if the car was purchased or registered outside of the state. Cars that are still under a manufacturer’s warranty can be transferred to the new owner, providing them with protection.

Following a “reasonable” amount of repair attempts, the manufacturer may be compelled to buy back or replace your automobile if it is unable to repair a problem that:

  • is covered by the manufacturer’s new-vehicle warranty,
  • the vehicle’s use, value, or safety is substantially limited as a result of the fault; and
  • the issues are not caused by unauthorized or unreasonable use of the vehicle after it has been sold.

The number of repair attempts that are deemed “reasonable” is determined by a variety of circumstances. While the following factors are not necessary, there is a rebuttable presumption that your automobile is a lemon if:

  • The problem will first occur either within 18 months of delivery or after the car has been driven 18,000 miles (whichever happens sooner).
  • If your warranty or owner’s manual requires you to do so, notify the manufacturer about the problem.
  • The manufacturer or its representatives have fixed your automobile four or more times for the same issue and it has not been resolved, or twice for the same problem if that issue is substantial enough to result in death or serious damage and it has not been addressed, or The car has been out of service for lengthy repairs (the 30 days do not need to be in a row).

If your automobile is a lemon, the manufacturer must buy or replace it. You have the option of receiving a refund rather than a replacement. Cars that are returned to dealers and then bought again must be called a “lemon law buyback” and have a sticker reading “lemon” on their door.

Even if the Lemon Law does not apply to your situation, you may be protected by other state and federal legislation. These include laws that prohibit fraudulent practices and impose minimum safety standards on automobiles. Consult an attorney for advice on your legal rights.

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