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Attorneys for all is a Voice for People Injured by Unsafe Products

We hear the story far too often. When the choice is between cutting costs and risking the safety of real people, many manufacturers and retailers make the wrong choice. The result is that innocent people are injured by dangerous, defective products.

At Attorneys for All, our network of products liability attorneys work every day to write a different ending to that story — first, by holding manufacturers accountable for the damage, and second, by working with others to change the laws. For more than 20 years our network of attorneys has been investigating and litigating the types of negligence that lead to serious injuries.

  • Auto Defects: When a restraint system breaks or fails to deploy, or when a vehicle rolls over because of bad design or a manufacturing defect, the injuries can be catastrophic.
  • Boats, Jet Skis, Watercraft: A change in specifications or design could be all it takes to make watercraft safer.
  • Children’s Toys: A thorough knowledge of federal regulations helps in investigating injuries caused by dangerous toys.
  • Child Safety Seats: Even in minor crashes, a defective safety seat can endanger the life of a child.
  • Improper Labels: Failure to warn and inadequate instructions can cause problems with how to use a product – and especially with the safe use of a product.
  • Industrial Machinery Tools: When work equipment causes injuries, we examine the entire chain from design to usage.
  • Medical Devices: When a medical device fails, the injuries can be painful, serious and permanent.
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation: When a dangerous drug doesn’t do what it claims (or makes health worse), the injuries are often irreversible.
  • Recreational Products: The products that make life fun should be safe for children to use.
  • Rhino ATV Rollovers: An inherently flawed design has caused life-changing, disabling injuries.
  • Safety & Sporting Equipment: When helmets crack, when bike tires fail, when a mountain bike part breaks, that’s a defective product.
  • Tire Defects: Old tires that have been sitting around for years, or defective tires, can cause dangerous car accidents.
  • Medical Devices – An instrument, apparatus or machine that is defective.

At Attorneys for all, our network of attorneys have the financial resources and the necessary experts to litigate complex defective products cases. Contact us to discuss a case with a Defective Product liability lawyer. We handle cases in California and nationwide in select cases.

We keep you informed about ongoing and potential lawsuits so that you can hold companies accountable for negligence.



Talc products like Johnson’s Baby Powder may increase the risk of ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. Learn what legal action you can take after a talc-related injury. Any manufacturer of talc-based products that have contributed to a woman developing ovarian cancer may be held liable through a lawsuit.


Personal injury lawsuits filed against Ethicon and Atrium allege their hernia surgical mesh caused severe complications affecting the intestines, bowels, and abdomen. Hernia mesh is used to support damaged tissue after hernia surgery and help quicken the recovery. But some patients that undergo hernia repair surgery suffer severe complications, which they believe were caused by the implanted surgical mesh.


Monsanto’s Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world, may cause cancer. Farmers, gardeners, and other agricultural laborers diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma may be eligible for a lawsuit.


Have your lungs been injured from vaping?  Vape manufacturers secretly put harmful chemicals in vape liquid that causes lung damage.

Vaping products can result in crippling addiction and dependency, serious injury, and even death
Vaping and e-cig products have created alarming addiction problems resulting in a predisposition to addiction of all types as well as severe health issues, including lung injuries and even death. Electronic cigarette companies have used novel marketing techniques to attract the attention of young people, directly leading to youth abuse of e-cigarettes and subsequent addiction and health problems. The CDC has just released a report on the mysterious vaping illness that has sickened thousands. Vitamin E acetate, an additive to certain vaping cartridges, was found in the lungs of 29 people who have died from the vaping-related lung illness.

Attorneys for all is seeking to help young victims and their families pursue monetary damages from e-cig makers for their negligence. Our Network of attorneys will represent our client’s best interests and fight for their rights. For more than 20 years our network of attorneys has been investigating and litigating the types of negligence that lead to serious injuries.

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