If you have been injured because of a fall, trip or slip on someone’s property, the owner may be liable. There are many factors that could cause a fall, such as: negligence in the maintenance of the property, dangerous floors, slippery floors, materials detached from the floor, foundations, pavements and uneven stairs, among others. Our attorneys can evaluate your case at no cost. Our network of attorneys have extensive experience in cases involving injuries typically caused by trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall accidents, including head injuries and broken bones. They will work with your doctor or other medical specialists to ensure your medical needs and seek compensation for those costs.

Slip and Fall accidents may not seem like a big deal initially. The fact that even a simple slip and fall incident can cause severe and debilitating injuries, ranging from broken bones to paralysis, cannot be ignored.

Our attorneys are prepared to help you fight for the money you deserve to recover from your Slip and Fall accident. We have successfully recovered millions in compensation on behalf of our injured clients. Call our law firm today to find out how we can help you after your slip and fall accident.

Insurance companies try to manipulate you into accepting a lowball offer. Settlement offers tend to increase when you have an experienced Slip and Fall Attorney to fight your case.

More than one person can be held liable for a slip and fall accident and related injuries. Our Slip and Fall attorney will determine the cause of your slip and fall and identify everyone who contributed to your accident and hold them liable. This enables you to demand compensation from anyone (multiple parties as well, if liable) who has caused you harm.

The Californian law allows the fault to be apportioned between everyone who has contributed to the accident, including victims. You may miss out on valuable compensation if the defendant plays a smart game. Having our attorneys who are well versed with such baseless allegations and claims will strengthen your claim and protect you from such allegations.

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Insurance companies are very well versed with tactics to blame you for the injuries/losses and ensure they pay the lowest amount possible. An experienced Personal Injury Attorney will help you navigate the complex process of trial and recovery of damages. They use their expertise to get you a settlement that is commensurate with your suffering and losses.

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