Slip and Falls During Holiday Shopping

During holiday shopping, slip and fall accidents are more likely. Estimates are that this type of accident is up to ten times more likely to occur during the holiday season.

The stores are more crowded. Spills occur more frequently. Labor shortages may mean that stores are understaffed. Spills may be harder to see and left unnoticed. Merchandise in the aisles for restocking onto the shelves may cause a hazard. Accidents may happen when a store worker is using a forklift.

If you are in an area hit with bad weather, the floors may be wet and slippery in the stores. Recently moped floors may appear to be dry but are still slippery. Bad lighting may make any hazard difficult to see.

Carpets can bunch up and cause a tripping hazard. Ceiling tiles may fall. Floor tiles may be loose.

Outside of the store, there may be potholes in the parking lot that can cause a stumble. Cracks on the sidewalk or in the pavement may be a problem in front of the store.

All of these things listed and more increase the chances of having a slip and fall accident.

What To Do If You Slip and Fall in a Store

There are four steps to take when experiencing a slip and fall accident in a store, which are: 1) get medical help if you need it; 2) document the accident scene with photos and videos; 3) ask the store manager to make a written report and get a copy of it, and; 4) call your attorney.

Step 1. Get Medical Help for Injuries

If you slip and fall in a store and are injured, call 9-1-1 and request an ambulance. Be aware that some soft tissue injuries, such as a herniated disk in our spine, may not show up with the most serious signs immediately. However, you may have problems later.

Step 2. Take Photos and Videos

While waiting for the paramedics to arrive, ask someone to find the store manager. If you are able, take photos and videos of the scene using your mobile phone. In the photos and videos show the conditions and what caused you to fall.

Step 3. Get the Store Manager to Write a Report

When the manager comes, ask him or her to make a written report. Large retailers have a form that they use for this. However, even a handwritten report on a plain piece of paper signed and dated by the manager, with a witness also signing it, will suffice. Ensure the contact information for the manager and the witness are contained in the report. Be sure to get a copy of the report.

Step 4. Call an Attorney

Do not talk to anyone else, except the store manager, about the accident. Only give the manager the pertinent facts. Do not admit to anyone that it was your fault or that you are sorry. Do not post anything about the accident on social media until you talk to your attorney. As soon as you can, call your personal injury attorney at (281) 475-4535.

To be compensated for your injuries from a slip and fall accident, you need the help of a qualified attorney who can make a claim for the negligence of the store for not taking care of the hazard that causes the accident. Call to get a free consultation.