Surgery Errors & Malpractice Lawyer

Every surgery has the potential to be hazardous to the patient. Injury or death can occur even when there is no surgical negligence involved. However, most surgery procedures have a very low rate of complications. When a significant injury or death occurs during surgery, there is a high likelihood of surgical negligence. Once a surgical error occurs, it may not be easy to prove. The only witnesses are the medical staff, and the surgeon dictates written records after the surgery.

However, many surgical negligence cases occur during postoperative care, including problems from the surgery or failure to diagnose a complication. For example, a patient may have internal bleeding after the surgery, but the surgeon may be hesitant to identify and admit that a patient may need another surgery until it is too late to save the patient. Therefore, for any patient who suffers a significant injury or dies after the surgery, a thorough review of the medical records is required, including the postoperative documents from the nurses.

Most common surgical errors: 

  • Unnecessary or inappropriate surgeries
  • Cutting an organ or another part of the body by mistake
  • Anesthesia mistakes, such as using too much or not being mindful of a patient’s allergies
  • Infections
  • Instruments and other foreign objects left inside patients
  • Pre- or postoperative mistakes, such as failure to address complications resulting from surgery

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