The Dangers of Aggressive Driving

If you are an aggressive driver, then you need to stop. You are risking being in a serious accident or dying. If you see an aggressive driver approaching, move out of the way, let the driver go on, and never, under any circumstances, escalate the aggression by responding with more aggression.

Road Rage

The National Safety Council reported that deaths caused by traffic accidents in 2020 were 42,060. This number was an increase from 39,107 in 2019. It is surprising because there was far less traffic on the road during 2020 due to the pandemic lockdowns.

Bankrate reports that road rage is a factor in more than half of the auto accidents that end in death.

Never forget that an automobile is a deadly weapon when used aggressively.

How to Avoid Problems Caused by Aggressive Driving

Here are ten tips on how to avoid the seriously bad habit of aggressive driving and how to deal with other aggressive drivers.

1. Allow Plenty of Time for Your Trip

Getting somewhere five minutes sooner is not worth the risk of ending up in the hospital or dead due to a bad traffic accident.

2. Use the Horn Rarely

A horn is like a slap in the face to another driver. Save the horn only for emergency warnings, not as a tool to show your aggression to other drivers. If you have time to use the horn, you can apply the brakes. Concentrate on braking safety, not on honking.

Good use of a horn is if you see an animal in the roadway up ahead to warn the animal to run away.

3. Avoid Weaving In and Out of Lanes

Cutting people off while weaving through traffic is a surefire way to cause anger in the other drivers.

4. Wait Your Turn

Please do not cut off someone or drive into a parking space where they are trying to park. Use the proper method of alternating cars following another when merging.

5. Keep Up With Traffic

Do not drive too fast or too slow either. Stay in the right lane if you are not passing another vehicle on a roadway with two or more lanes going in your direction.

6. Do Not Carry a Weapon in Your Vehicle

If you have a weapon and become angry, you may do something stupid and hurt someone in a moment of uncontrolled rage. It is best to leave your weapon safely locked up at home.

7. Check Your Mirrors Frequently

Defensive driving means looking out for the other drivers, using your mirrors, who may do something stupid. Expect people to make mistakes. Always have a mental plan of what you would do if someone cuts you off or suddenly turns in front of you. Anticipate any possible errors or aggressive moves that other drivers may make.

8. Do Not Follow Too Closely

Tailgating is a surefire way to make another driver angry. Driving too closely to another car may cause a serious accident if the driver suddenly stops leaving you no time to react properly.

9. Go Slower in Bad Weather

Bad weather and aggressive driving do not mix well. Slow down when the weather is bad.

10. Do Not Use Obscenity or Obscene Gestures

Using an obscene gesture or screaming something nasty out the window at another driver can easily escalate a situation and provoke a response. Expect to see other bad drivers every time you go for a drive. Let them go on their way without confrontation.

If you want to start a fight or be in one, join your local boxing club and have a positive way to express your aggression.

Final Thoughts

It is not worth getting killed due to aggressive driving. Let other aggressive drivers pass you by and be confident that you let them go to the possible negative outcomes they are creating with extremely bad behavior. There is no need to get even.

Seek anger management counseling if you find you have a problem with aggressive driving.

If you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident caused by an aggressive driver, call (281) 475-4535 to speak with an attorney for a free consultation to protect your rights.