Top 5 Safe Driving Tips For The 4th Of July Weekend

The Fourth of July has historically been a holiday with the most traffic accidents. This high accident rate comes from the greater number of vehicles on the roads and the carelessness of the drivers.

With the price of gas soaring to record-high prices, this trend might be less this year if fewer travelers are going by car to their destinations. Nevertheless, there are many common-sense precautions that you can take to reduce the chance of being injured or killed in a traffic accident over the Fourth of July weekend.

Here are some safety tips to help you and your loved ones survive this holiday.

1. Drive Less

If at all possible, stay off the roads. Drive only when necessary. Leave routine car trips to run errands for another time when there is less danger. Consider meeting your family halfway at a location that avoids anyone having to do any long-distance driving. Avoid rush hours and drive at times when there are fewer cars on the roads. If there is a geographical concentration of family members, have everyone meet close to their homes.

2. Avoid Distractions While Driving

The driver should not use a cell phone while driving. Never text while driving. If you must use a cell phone, stop somewhere safe and use it while the vehicle is not moving. If you are a female driver, do not comb your hair or apply makeup while driving. Men should not shave while driving. Do not eat while driving.

3. Do Not Permit Impaired Driving

While it seems obvious that impaired driving from excessive alcohol or drug use is seriously stupid, extremely dangerous, and illegal, the problem is that when a person is intoxicated, they lose some of their critical ability to make sound judgments.

Designated drivers who agree to take on this role of providing safer transport for those who are impaired and do not use drugs or alcohol are one solution.

Even if you have to restrain someone, take their car keys away, and force them to stay until they are no longer impaired, this is better than letting them drive off and get killed or possibly kill others.

4. Drive Defensively

If you must drive on the Fourth of July weekend, heighten your defensive driving skills. Be on the lookout for other distracted, impaired, or otherwise reckless drivers. Stay calm and alert. Avoid reacting to the bad driving of others with road rage. If a driver cuts you off, just let them go, and give them plenty of space to get away.

Constantly check traffic conditions all around your vehicle by checking the mirrors. When making a lane change, look over your shoulder to check for a car or motorcycle in your blind spot next to your vehicle. Do not follow other cars too closely.

5. Be Patient

Allow plenty of time to get to your destination, and do not try to go anywhere in a rush. Do not drive while tired or sleepy. Stop and take frequent rest breaks if you must make a long road trip.

What to do if you have an accident?

Move everyone out of harm’s way. Call 9-1-1. Give first aid until the responders arrive. As soon as possible, before talking to anyone about the accident, call an attorney at (281) 475-4535 to make an appointment for a free consultation.