What Compensation Can I Receive After A Car Accident?

The types of damages claimed for an auto accident come from the particulars of a case. Here are the potential categories for a claim:

  • Property Damage: This includes damage to your vehicle or other property.
  • Medical Bills: These bills include the immediate medical care needed right after the accident, subsequent medical care, and potentially ongoing medical and rehabilitation care.
  • Lost Wages: If you have to take time off work to recover from the injuries caused by the accident, this amount is equal to what you would receive had you continued working. If you cannot work due to the accident, this amount may represent your lost wages for the average remaining years of a person’s career in the field of your employment before the accident. Adjustments are possible for any other disability payments that you are entitled to receive.
  • Pain and Suffering: This compensation is for the physical and mental trauma caused by the accident.
  • Death: Surviving family members may receive compensation for the death of a person killed in the accident.

Every auto accident case is slightly different. The settlement for your case might be a few thousand dollars to much more substantial amounts. In America, an auto accident settlement typically ranges from $14,000 to $28,000, with the average payout being $21,000.

An accident in California that causes a minor neck or back injury might settle for $2,500 to $8,000. If medical treatment includes injections for pain, physical therapy, and other ongoing treatments, the settlement range is higher and might be from $20,000 to $40,000.

Minimum Insurance Requirements

California has minimum insurance requirements, which are

  • For Injuries or Deaths: $30,000 for the accident and $15,000 for each person.
  • For Damage to Property: $5,000 for the accident.
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage is available but not required.

Nevada has minimum insurance requirements, which are

  • For Injuries or Death of One Person: $25,000.
  • For Injuries or Deaths of Two or More People: $50,000.
  • For Damage to Property: $20,000 for the accident.

It is possible to sue the person who caused the accident for more than the minimum required coverage. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to collect a judgment if the person does not have sufficient assets and only carries the minimum insurance coverage or drives illegally as an uninsured motorist.

How do you know if you need an attorney?

Here are the general guidelines about when to call an attorney:

  • The accident caused serious injuries that required medical attention.
  • The accident caused a death(s).
  • The police report does not accurately represent what happened, especially if the other driver caused the accident.
  • The injuries you experienced prevent you from working, even if there is a delay before the onset of any problems.
  • The accident resulted from the other driver’s negligence, especially if the driver was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • You have, or anticipate getting, very substantial medical bills from the injuries caused by the accident.

It is always a good strategy to call an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Call before you have any conversation with anyone else about the accident or accept any offer from an insurance company. Call (281) 475-4535 to get a free consultation.