What Types of Injuries Qualify for Compensation?

Two broad categories of injuries may qualify for compensation depending on the specifics of your legal case. These categories are personal injuries and work-related injuries.

A personal injury claim seeks compensation for the injury and harm caused by negligence or wrongful actions of another person or entity. The harm may be physical, mental, emotional, or financial.

A work-related injury or wrongful death of an employee while on the job is a worker’s compensation claim and handled differently. Such claims must follow the worker’s compensation program rules in the state where the person is employed.

Common Reasons for Personal Injury Claims

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Here are just a few of the most common reasons for personal injury claims:

Automobile Accidents

The highways in America are not safe. In 2020, US News reported a 7% increase in deaths from motor vehicle accidents in the United States. This increase happened despite the reduced traffic on the roads due to the COVID pandemic. In 2020, 38,860 people died from car crashes, the highest number of deaths from traffic accidents since 2007.

Slip and Fall

People who slip and fall in public spaces may have a compensation claim if the management or owner of the facility has been careless. This claim may point out some unsafe conditions that existed which contributed to your fall.

Professional Malpractice

If you suffer harm from medical malpractice, a compensation claim can involve doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers and facilities. Medical malpractice may occur when one of these workers fails to act reasonably, as another worker would in a similar situation.

Medical malpractice cases are some of the most well-known cases. However, any licensed professional such as an accountant, stockbroker, financial adviser, or another licensee may be subject to a claim for professional malpractice for making a serious mistake or failing to take action when they should have done so.

Product Liability

Consumers have the right to sue a company if a product harms them for many reasons, including manufacturing defects, unsafe ingredients, toxic contamination, and more.

Work-Related Injury Claims

Suppose you suffer an injury on the job or a loved one dies in a work-related accident. In that case, a compensation claim will probably be made through the employer’s worker’s compensation plan coverage. Your claim must be filed in a timely fashion according to the claim submission rules to avoid denial of the claim. If your claim gets denied, you will want an attorney’s help to appeal the decision.

Common Reasons for Work-Related Injury Claims

Common accidents at work include being injured by equipment, falling from a ladder, and slipping and falling in the work environment. There are also many traffic accidents involving commercial vehicles. Exposure to toxic materials is another common cause of work-related injuries.

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