Who is Liable for a Multi-Car Crash?

Imagine that there is a multi-vehicle crash on the highway. Cars are spinning around. They get hit by other vehicles from all sides. Some of them go off the road into the ditch. The highway traffic reacts. All the drivers brake sharply to avoid adding more cars to the pileup. When the dust settles, all vehicles are stopped.

The drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident are on their mobile phones. The ones who are injured are calling for medical assistance. The ones who are not injured are contacting their personal injury attorney!

This story is a bit of an amusing look at a serious problem. It is very hard to figure out who caused a multi-car crash. If your vehicle is involved in such an accident, you definitely need the help of an attorney to represent you and protect your rights. Call (281) 475-4535 for a free consultation.

Proving Who is At Fault

According to insurance industry statistics, most people will experience three to four car accidents in their lifetime. If you frequently commute in heavy traffic, the likelihood of your vehicle being in an accident is higher. When more than one vehicle is involved, proving who is at fault becomes extremely challenging.

Unless there is a recorded video of the accident scene showing all the necessary details, an accident forensic specialist will be called in by the involved parties to help determine who caused the accident. All sides that have a liability claim will use these experts. The insurance companies will use them as well. That is when the disagreements and arguments begin.

Frequently, there is shared liability for causing an accident. Drivers are assigned a percentage of the fault for causing an accident.

For example, one driver might have been texting while driving, while another could have been speeding. Or suppose a faulty tire caused a blowout, forcing the vehicle’s driver to slow down without warning, making it impossible for the car following too close behind to stop. Who is at fault? The driver with the blowout? The driver following too close? How about the manufacturer who sold a defective tire or the repair shop that did not install the tire properly?

It is easy to imagine how challenging it is to get a settlement. Insurance companies don’t want to pay a fair claim, and the other drivers don’t want to accept responsibility. Lawsuits are the outcome of these disputes.

The evidence produced for the court case may include the following:

  • Maps, diagrams, and multi-media recreations of the accident
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Historical weather records for the date of the accident
  • Sworn statements or in-person testimony of the drivers and witnesses
  • Physical evidence for defective parts
  • Expert testimony

Get the Help You Need

If you or a loved one was involved in a multi-vehicle crash, especially if there were serious injuries or fatalities, you want to speak to your attorney before talking to anyone else about the accident. Call (281) 475-4535 for a free consultation.