Why It’s Essential to Follow Your Doctor’s Advice After an Accident

Your life can change in an instant due to an accident or injury. The road to recovery, both physical and financial, can take some time. Attorneys For All has helped thousands of injured victims throughout California with all aspects of their recovery and legal journey. Following your doctor’s advice can be one of the most vital parts of your recovery prosses, and it can help make your case stronger. 

6 Reasons To Follow Doctor’s Advice

Qualified Experts

Doctors are highly educated and trained in treating injured patients. They know what is best for you and how to prevent you from further damaging yourself. They have extensive experience understanding what’s best for treating your injuries, considering the unique circumstances and your medical history.

Avoid Complications

Doctors give you instructions for a reason. Whether it’s to improve mobility not to lose function, clean wounds or dressings to avoid infections or avoid certain foods while taking medications. These directions can be vital in preventing complications that could have significant consequences. They may also help assure that minor injuries don’t become more serious. For example, even initially, “minor” head trauma can pose fatal and long-term risks.

Allow for Adjustments

Following your doctor’s instructions and making follow up visits are extremely important. Based on your progress, doctors can adjust your treatment plans, medications or suggest other treatment options. In some cases, reporting problems with the treatment or difficulties with particular instructions may alert doctors to other or larger issues connected with your injuries or overall health.

Improve Long-term Outcomes & Function

Listening to your doctors’ instructions and the rehabilitation experts’ instructions can improve the long-term outcome of your injuries. Although every injury is different, patients who fail to follow the doctor’s recommendations after an injury may not experience the same recovery as those who did. For example, “training” your brain and being consistent with rehabilitation, in the beginning, months after a brain injury has been shown to increase patients’ cognitive function. The same is true for numerous orthopedic injuries and other disorders where following doctors’ advice puts patients on the best recovery path. If you stop following medical advice, you can put yourself at risk of experiencing more problems down the road. Problems that may not be accounted for in any compensation or settlement if your injury claim has already been resolved.

Documenting Records

Documentation, doctor’s notes, and medical records are all produced from following your doctor’s directions and following up with visits. These documents capture reports about your health, treatment plan, recovery, and new problems that may occur. These documents provide an important picture of your accident’s consequences. They are much more reliable and valid than a person’s word. They can be used to support an injury claim once you file.

Fight Insurance Company Tactics

Following your doctor’s instructions, keeping up with your treatment, and following up with your doctor is the best way to recover from your injuries. It also helps reduce or moderate many of the standard arguments insurance carriers will propose in their attempts to pay victims as little as possible. When victims don’t seek immediate treatment or follow the doctor’s instructions, the insurance companies will often argue they were never really injured. They might also say that the accident did not cause the injuries, or that it’s not as bad as you say it is. 

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